Day of the Dead Face Painting Workshop with Lilly Walters,

In Montclair, CA, stay after the class to jam with other artists from the area.

Advanced Face Painting Class

What You Will Learn:

From the beautiful elaborate designgs used for special events, to the fast and quick faces you can do at Advanced Face Painting Classparties.

What To Expect:

A four hour class taught by Lilly Walters

Limited to 21 students.

We will start with 20 minutes of ADVANCED brush stroke warm-ups: Strokes specific to creating Dia del los Muertos designs. We spend the rest of the time working on designs which you will actually paint yourself. You will practice on paper practice sheets, your arms and the arms of fellow students. We balance our 4 hours with observing Lilly's designs and techniques and lots of hand- on practice.

Many life like designs, if you are a begginer or advanced, you will be able to leave this class looking like a pro with these most craved designs they are fast and easy you can do them at any event.

Advanced Face Painting ClassAlso full kits with all the supplies will be on sale the day of the class!

After the class, we will stay for hours to practice with other professionals from the area.

Who Should Attend:

Those who have already attended Lilly Walters' Intro to Professional Face Painting, AND those who are already at a level for which you are being paid to do face painting.

Advanced Face Painting ClassCosts

$60 for Pre-Registration),
$10, non-refundable deposit is needed to hold your place. $50 due at door in cash or check.

Materials to Bring

  • A good selection of high quality face paints, especially white!
  • Brushes: Flats, rounds, and a small detailing brushes
  • Smoothies blenders
  • Sponges
  • Water Container

There will be product for sale at this event.

For more on the class, call Lilly at 909-398-1228

Advanced Face Painting Class

No guests are allowed. Only paid participants.

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